Why happiness is an essential element of strong work cultures. By Lisa Tilley, Coaching Lead at &us

Having worked in culture change and transformation for 10 years within businesses and as a consultant, I’ve seen and experienced warts and all, where cultures can positively and negatively affect people and their performance or motivation in their work. …

By Rob Isaacs, co-founder and product director, &us

“&us — what’s that? Who are they? What do they do?”

That’s a problem we’re trying to solve. How do we drive awareness, and show people what we’re capable of.

On Monday, we had an idea.

What if we could help charities…

Creating a behavioural experiment in the middle of a global pandemic? Sure, why not! By Felicity Walsh, Junior Strategist at &us

A lady in a pink cape stands on a boat in the middle of a dark lake. She shines a torch into the distance

I joined the &us team as a strategist in July to help with Project Fear, a piece of research looking at fear in the workplace and how it interacts with innovation.

The work has exploded into something bigger than we could have anticipated and, despite, at times being overwhelmed with…

Getting under the skin of fear in the workplace. Introducing Project Fear! by Katie Stotter, Strategy Lead at &us

A lady in a pink dress, holding a torch, descends a staircase into darkness

For the past few months, we’ve been thinking deeply about fear. This year, it’s been hard not to. But recent developments aside, we are specifically interested in how fear manifests in the workplace, and how it interacts with innovation.

At &us, we’re interested in making work joyful, and innovation normal…

The lessons I’m bringing back from my summer internship. By Raphael Patterson, Intern at &us and Trinity College Dublin Business and Economics student.

I’ve spent this strangest of summers back at my parent’s place in London, working as an intern with &us. My main focus has been developing an innovation…

Upping your leadership skills in the post-COVID new normal

How today’s leaders can help their teams thrive, by Emily Dent, Transformation Director and Partner, &us

Having a remote workforce has huge consequences for all elements of organisational success, but perhaps none more fundamental than the role of leadership.

It is…

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