Need an app? There’s No-Code for that

Some of London’s best restaurants have contributed
The slick and simple layout is a joy to browse!
And the plan is for The Pass to become a social network in its own right, like the digital version of a Spanish mercado.
  1. There isn’t nearly as much scary jargon. It’s easier to learn, share ideas and opinions with people to crack through problems. Knowledge is no longer reserved for the experts, which is what coding can feel like sometimes.
  2. I can create more often and more efficiently. I no longer have to read through pages of documentation to figure out how to make a form. Instead, I can just drag and drop what I need.
  3. It has opened up a whole new world. Previously, I’d hand over designs to a developer to build, but now I can own a project from concept through to production, and there’s just so much more satisfaction in it, as creating things is what gets me fired up.
  4. Getting a taste of what No-Code can do has spurred me to add a couple of personal projects to my backlog, so I can try out more features and platforms to see what I can pull off.



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