Notice anything different about us? We’ve had a bit of a makeover

&us. Let's Make Progress.
3 min readMay 27, 2022

Since we started &us five years ago, we’ve continually iterated and adapted our message as we’ve grown as a company, moving out of startup mode to a more established business. But sometimes progress is a leap rather than a small step.

So we’ve spent the last year going back to basics and figuring out how we elevate how we’re perceived by the outside world.

A New Visual Identity + System

Whilst a logo is only one part of a brand, there’s a surprising amount packed into our new identity.

- The interplay of typefaces expresses the balance within our business. The formal black ampersand and freehand pink ‘us’ are both parts of who we are — rigorous and playful; logical and human; process-driven and collaborative.

- Our colour remains pink because we’ve built brand equity with it — some clients know us as “the pink people” — and you’d be hard pushed to find a better metaphor for our bold and disruptive approach in a sea of corporate blue and black.

- We’ve also kept a hand-drawn, work-in-progress element. We never come with out of the box solutions, we create and collaborate as we go.

Our new brand message — “Let’s Make Progress” — also carries a lot in three small words, and they cut right to the heart of what we do:


Collaboration is central to everything we do. It’s implied in our name — you, &us. We never just make things for clients, we make things with them. This is our active invitation to get started together, and build the momentum for change.


The active verb. Without making — doing, creating, building, deciding, starting — nothing happens. We know you have to make things to change things.


This is what frees you from frustration. It’s what’s next, getting unstuck, the momentum to carry you forwards. Progress can be small steps, but it’s what moves the world onwards. In an uncertain world, when you can’t be certain of the destination, progress must be the goal

We’ve come a long way, baby

So, we’ve smartened up our act, made it clearer what we do, and how and why.

But we’re still &us. And we’re looking forward to making progress with you.

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&us. Let's Make Progress.

We’re an independent innovation and transformation consultancy helping our clients make progress.